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About the author

Hi, it's me the owner of this website, Gabriel Borg. Most of you probably know me by my Youtube username Grindcoreisgod. I'd like to use this page in order to tell you guys a little about myself. I'm 18 and a student. I am currently studying Medicine and Surgery at University. My hobbies include the history of Gas Masks and Chemical Warfare (obviously) and drumming. I live in Malta, an archipelago of islands located south of Sicily. I have decided to put my masks online as I believe it be easier to have all the easily changeable information on a website rather than in videos. However, fear not! I am not going to stop posting videos on my main channel! Anyway, that's enough information about me, check out the collection!


Disclaimer:  I'd like to clarify that any content belonging to this website is watermarked with 'this image/ document belongs to'. Any other content which does not belong directly to me will have its source cited and solely posted after permission has been granted by the original owner. I may also post images and documents of unknown source in order to enhance the educational experience of this website however I will attempt to keep such a practice to a minimum. If an owner of one of these 'images of unknown source' is to find his/her content on my website and wishes me to remove the image or cite its source, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Secondly I'd also like to make it a point to state that some of the information provided on this website may be incorrect. Some of it is based on speculation and may thus fail to comply with the true history/function/use of the piece exhibited. If something like this is to arise and the content is not in accordance with the truth and I realize, it will be changed immediately. If by some chance I do not notice about the error myself and a reader believes that my information is wrong, I would appreciate it if s/he were to contact me. I would like to make it clear that evidence on why the information isn't valid is required prior to doing so.


Any of the content (images, information or videos) found on this website may be used however permission must be granted beforehand by the site owner. The site's content may then be shared however I'd appreciate it if the source were to be cited.


Special thanks to Althea Formosa, Håkon Fossum, Jeremy Plum, Bernard Mifsud, Marek Kulig, Danny McGurk, Dan McArthur, Val Volegna, Stuart Camilleri, Nick Sherman and my parents and family for contributing to my ever-growing collection. I'd also like to thank Til Krahn, Nemanja Dejanović, Dmitry Novichkov and Jeroen Göbert for helping me with the translation of a number of documents which I wouldn't have been able to do by myself, Mike Tarr for designing my website's logo and Tony Reddie for regularly helping in the editing of this website. Finally, I'd like to thank numerous unnamed others who provided the information and support to make this website a reality.


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