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Documents and other literature

Here is a number of Gas Mask-related documents I have uploaded for anyone to view and download for free. They include translated foreign documents, patents, pamphlets and other related texts.

The following is a list of books directly or indirectly related to Gas Masks, Chemical and Biological Warfare which were referred to during the construction of this website;


  • U.S. Chemical and Biological Defense Respirators An Illustrated History - Christopher T. Carey

  • Handbook on Japanese Military Forces - U.S. War Department

  • Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.1 (2nd edition) Personal Protection Against Gas - Ministry of Home Security (Air Raid Precautions Department)

  • Protection against Gas and Air Raids Pamphlet No. 2 : Respirators - His Majesty's Office

  • World War I Gas Warfare Tactics and Equipment - Simon Jones

  • A Higher Form of Killing - Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman

  • Gas! Gas! Quick, Boys (How Chemistry changed the First World War) - Michael Freemantle

  • British Military Respirators and Anti-Gas Equipment of the Two World Wars - Thomas Mayer-Maguire and Brian Baker


All of the books' covers are depicted in the following gallery and are part of my personal collection. They have been listed in the order as mentioned above.


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