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Wanted list

This page is dedicated to the masks which I would like to add to my collection. If you would like to sell these masks to me for a reasonable price or know of a place from where i can do so, please feel free to contact me on the email provided on the contact page. Masks which have been purchased have been marked in red.

Dutch Masks

model f gas mask

model g gas mask

duiker-vredenstein volksgasmasker/ gasmasker ii gas mask





U.S. Masks

Scott Mcu-2/p gas mask

msa mcu-2a/p gas mask

c.e.m. gas mask Variants

any davis respirator

any pulmosan Mask/hood

pulmosan al i70 airline mask

any variant of the msa comfo respirator

c.e.s.c.o. fume mask

T.A.P. Cooling Suit

t.a.p. suit

akron-tissot gas mask

kops-tissot gas mask

american small box respirator

any acme full vision variant

Navy mk. 1 (mouth canister type)

navy mk.2 (head canister type)

navy M1 diaphragm gas mask

navy m2 diaphragm gas mask

navy Mv diaphragm gas mask

ndo Mk.1 gas mask 

Cd v-800 / m16 civilian gas mask

nc-1 gas mask

Disney mickey mouse gas mask

prototype infant protector

m40 field protective mask

m13a1 hOspital Protector

m40 Green Laser Outserts

tinted mcu-2/p lens (Medium)

Hgu-65/p TAP Hood

M9a1 Manual 

Nerve Agent Antidote Kit Mk.I Trainer

M25A1 Chemical-Biological Tank Protective Mask

British Masks

Hypo hood

ph hood

british small box respirator

civilian duty respirator (radio operator variant)

civilian duty respirator (raf respirator)

invalid hood respirator

s6 gas mask bag and accessories

mk.III respirator

mk. II Respirator (worth a shot right?)

c5 hospital respirator

c3 baby's anti gas helmet/ gas crib

black mickey mouse gas mask/ minnie mouse gas mask
Any Variant of the S10 Gas Mask

Fm12 Gas Mask




German masks

any variant of the gasjaeckchen that i do not own

any variant of the gasbettchen that i do not own 

any infant respirator accessory that i do not own

gm17 gas mask

gm18 gas mask

oxy-sr 30m gas mask

leder-b gas mask

leder-o gas mask

protex gas mask

m2000 gas mask



French masks 

m2 gas mask

A.f.m. 34 gas mask

A.n.p m51/53 gas mask
Tenue NBC Modèle 66 Suit

italian masks

penna respirator (any variant)

m.31 gas mask

R.m. 3 gas mask

p43 gas mask

m-1924 gas mask

m-1929 gas mask

F.t. 35 Bag and accessories


Chinese masks 

Mf4 gas mask

m65 gas mask

mf11 gas mask


Japanese masks

model 93 navy gas mask

any other navy gas mask

type 99 gas mask


Korean masks 

km9a1 gas mask

Russian/ soviet masks 

gp2 gas mask

pmk3 gas mask

mm1 gas mask

ip4 rebreather

ip5 rebreather

1p 02 generating canister

trc-5 rebreather
ptm-1 radioactive dust mask


bulgarian masks 

pf-90 gas mask

Pde-1 Outserts

pg-1 Bag

canadian masks

c4 gas mask


Czech masks

om-90 gas mask

finnish masks 

m95 gas mask

nokia m-30 gas mask

nokia m-38 gas mask

M61 Gas Mask Bag and Accessories

Vietnamese masks

any vietnamese gas mask

Swiss masks

sm-64/ bergugnsmaske-luftschutz gas mask


polish masks

mp5 gas mask

mp5 Drinking Tube


israeli masks

model no. 4a1 gas mask

model no. 4a1 box and accessories 

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