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polish masks

W.Z. 38 gas mask


Years used: 1938-1939 (This example is from April 1939)

Used by: Military

Made by: Speculated to be made by Piastow, which manufactured the rubber parts of this Mask.

Aliases: N/A

szr2-50 headwound gas mask


Years used: Late 1950s - Early 1970s (The age of this example is unknown)

Used by: Headwounded Soldiers

Made by: Unknown, speculated to be Faser

Aliases: SR-1 (although this is an incorrect name for it)

gs mining respirator


Years used: 1970s-1980s (The age of this example is unknown)

Used by: Industrial Workers

Made by: Faser

Aliases: N/A

mp5 gas mask


Years used: 1990s-Present day (This example is from 2001)

Used by: Military 

Made by: Maskpol

Aliases: N/A

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