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Serbian masks

CR-M30 Rocket Fueler's protective gas mask


Years used: Throughout the year 1999 (This Example was made in January of 1999, although the M2 Facepiece was produced in December of 1986)

Used by: Rocket Fuel Handlers (Military)

Made by: TRAYAL Corporations 

Aliases: N/A

Description: The Serbian M2 was first produced in the 80s in order to replace the Yugoslavian M1 (which was a copy of the US M9A1 series Gas Mask). The mask has a different faceform to the preceeding model and also has plastic components (in contrast to the M1 which had metal components). Finally, the M2 Facepiece takes 40mm Filters, a notable upgrade from the M1, which was issued with 60mm Filters.

M2 Faceblank Variants: M2F/M2FV/ "CR-M30"

These Masks, along with the others mentioned were initially produced by Miloje Zakic (After World War II, the company manufactured industrial explosives, activated carbon and protective masks) however on the 28th of June, 1995, Miloje Zakic, in addition to four other factories sharing common services merged into one main company; TRAYAL CORPORATION.

The M2 is still in use by the Serbian Military , although it is slowly being phased out by the M3.

CR-M30 kits were produced in 1999 (My example in particular potentially being produced in January). The kits reutilized the M2 facepieces (which had produced previously, my M2 gacepiece was produced in 1986) and could have been used throughout the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (which took place from March 24, 1999 – June 10, 1999) by rocket fuel handlers. Evidence for this includes the fact that all of the kits owned by collectors seem to have been produced throughout that timeframe and the fact that the filters are specifically labelled for protection against chemicals found in Rocket Fuel).

The CR-M30 kit included:
A CR-M30 BlackType "O" (Oxidising chemicals) or Green "G" (Rocket Fuel) Filter
A M2 Facepiece
An LPD M-3 Personal Decontamination Kit

Cleaning Cloths
A pair of M-4 Gloves
A Corrugated Hose
A Carrier Bag (which was different to the standard M-2 Facepiece Bag and adapted to contain the larger Filter)

The CR-M30 could have potentially been used along with the M5 Protective Overalls.

LPD M-3 kit: The LPD M-3 personal decontamination set is intended for the efficient chemical decontamination of exposed skin, clothing equipment and weapons. The set consists ofa special fingerless glove made of rubberized net fabric padded with powdered clay on one side and soft fabric on the other. This clay absorbs the following toxic agents: Yperite (Sulfur Mustard), Soman and VX.The LPD M-3 kit is issued within a waterproof bag made of Aluminium foil covered in polyethylene and is designed for one time use.

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