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Operation Cauldron Mk. V Mod Project Post I

Hey guys, I'm finally back after quite a long hiatus. Today I will be writing about a project I am undergoing along with another collector and as you read in the title, this project involves the modification of a British Mk. V Gas Mask to create a Mask that was used throughout Operation Cauldron.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Operation Cauldron, it was a series of biological warfare trials carried out in the early 1950s by a number of scientists from Porton Down and the British Royal Navy. The tests involved the release of biological agents (living organisms which have the potential of spreading disease) on to a large number of guinea pigs and monkeys.

As can be seen in the following grainy pictures, a number of modified Mk. IV and V Gas Masks were used throughout the trials and it these which Danny McGurk and I wish to replicate as no existing examples have ever been seen (apart from those in the official Operation Cauldron video). We also intend on replicating a filter for the Mask.

I will be regularly posting updates on this project and hopefully I'll be able to find all the parts to complete the modification. Aside from this, more site updates will be online in the near future so watch this space.


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